What do BC Students Want?

The students here at Brooklyn College can almost always count on the Student Center for a place to kick back and relax. The Center has various rooms and lounges for events on the upper level. On  the  ground  floor,  you  can  find  students  playing  dominoes,  pool,  playstation  and indulging in other stress relieving activities.

In the Student Center, the diversity at Brooklyn College is evident as students from different backgrounds  and  age  groups share space to relax  and take  a  break from their rigorous  course load. Among the slamming of dominoes, the classic gaming sounds, soft music videos coming from the flat­screen television and the constant chatter, several students were asked the question, What would make your campus experience better? Here is what they had to say;

Zack Anthony ­ Freshman

“My experience on campus has been really nice. Professors are patient. Some are actually really good. It’s been a really good experience so far. I am looking forward to available cheap classes.”

Dixon Savius ­ Sophomore Transfer from Kingsborough

“What would make  campus better is  a focus on really giving students more outlets to express themselves; more support from the campus for the students who express themselves. There needs to be no divide between black students and minority students and students who are European or White. There are a lot of things that can be done to improve the campus, but I think those are things that really need to be done.”

Jessica Harp ­ Sophomore

“I feel like the campus is fine already. Maybe make the classrooms and stuff a little bit cleaner, but other than that everything is pretty good!”

John Rodriguez ­ Junior

“It’s very unorganized on campus. It’s missing structure. The fraternities and sororities are being misrepresented. I see the Dean of students is working to fix that but we need a bigger budget for the Greek Council and there needs to be more consideration for us.”

Joeline Allsop ­ Senior Transfer from Bard College

“A  shorter  commute  and  student  metro­cards  for  college  students,  preferably  before  the community colleges.”

Anonymous Freshman:

“I  think  we  need  more  Trump  supporters.  Trump  is  really  unrepresented  here  at  Brooklyn College. If you don’t have an equal amount of supporters on each side, you get one candidate misrepresented and then you don’t really get a good sense of your other candidates. You know, all  you  hear is ‘Bernie, Bernie,

Bernie’  and then  you  end  up  voting for Bernie without really

fully understanding in-depth the policies of Donald Trump, which I think are second to none.”

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