“Throw Like a Girl”

If you’ve ever seen “The Sandlot”, then you undoubtedly remember the scene where Hamilton “Ham” Porter delivers the most epic diss to Phillips in the baseball diamond. The endless bickering between the two groups of boys comes to a screeching halt, and Ham’s teammates drop their chins, staring in disbelief at the utterance of this particular burn: “You play ball like a GIRL!”

In some way, shape or form we’ve all said this. We’ve all subconsciously mocked young girls and women, attaching a negative connotation to doing things “like a girl,” as if strength is so far from our nature. This could not be any farther from the truth and the women of Throw Like a Girl Radio strive to bulldoze through that mold by bringing their experience and interpretation to the male-dominated world of sports.

“Our society conditions young girls and women, from a young age, that when we participate in athletic activity it is inferior to the participation of our male counterparts. Throw Like A Girl Radio is my attempt to take back the stereotype that doing things like a girl is 100 percent acceptable, strong and beautiful,” says founder Alyssa Paolicelli.

Throw Like a Girl is CUNY’s first all-female sports show and is currently in its third and final season on Brooklyn College Radio. After interning on an all-male show two years ago, Paolicelli explained that she realized how different her own interpretations were from the men she was working with.

“I knew I wanted to do my own show, but I wanted to make it unique since there are so many other sports talk shows on the station. That’s when I thought of the idea for an all-female sports talk show. I contacted the program director at the time and asked if he knew of any other girls who would be interested and he gave me Kara’s email. It has kind of been a love story since then.”

Both Paolicelli and co-host Kara Ann Galante have formed a bond over their passionate love for the New York Rangers and the New York Mets, and balance each other out in the most entertaining way. While Paolicelli asserts her knowledge and views in a very matter-of-fact manner, Galante charms with her bubbly voice and exuberant personality creating an excellent 1-2 punch on the radio waves. But that tandem has grown stronger as both women have fed off the empowering reminder that they ARE women, and they ARE great, and they DO have a place in the world of sports.

“We want to make a difference and show fans that there is more to sports than just talking about how Steph Curry can shoot a three pointer. There are serious problems happening in the leagues we love that we want to bring to light,” explained Galante.

Through creative segments including Woman of the Week and Confessions of a Female Sports Fan, Paolicelli and Galante make the incredible success of women in sports the highlight of their one hour slot, but they also illuminate the injustices unfairly brought upon women, including prejudice against themselves as radio hosts and their frequent conversation about domestic violence and sexual harassment. With Throw Like a Girl, you’re getting more than just your average sports talk, though they cover every topic like professionals. You’re getting the other side of the story, whether it be their own anecdotes or those of the female athletes they so very much admire.

The radio pair will be graduating at the end of this semester, but they hope that Throw Like a Girl will remain on the air and develop a legacy here at Brooklyn College. “It has been my baby, and I would really love if two other girls coming up through the sports ranks would take it over and run with it like we have,” Paolicelli explained. “It feels like we are closing in on the end of an era in our sports journalism careers.”

Whatever the future holds for Throw Like a Girl, Paolicelli and Galante have done women in sports a tremendous justice and will undoubtedly continue their quest to, as Kara explained, “make a long lasting impression on the industry. Throw Like a Girl just shows how we as women are breaking the glass ceiling even more.”

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