Thesis Spotlight: Boy Prom

Great comedies do way more than make you laugh. Using humor as a tool to say something bigger about social topics has been proven as a very successful way to reach a large audience. Boy Prom, a comedy about a prom exclusively for guys, takes a look at masculinity and the old notion that every guy has to be a manly man.

Benjamin Wiseman, the writer and director of Boy Prom, was always fascinated by the male role in society. “My mom raised me with romantic comedies and I would feel embarrassed to admit that I had emotions when I watched those movies. If I cried, or felt for the characters, I was afraid people would use that to make fun of me.” But in the process of developing and creating Boy Prom, Ben decided to tackle those feelings head on. “There’s a lot of social issues that need to be addressed, and there’s no better way to do that than laughing while we talk about them.”

Behind the explosive humor of Boy Prom, there lies a real statement about men in our society. “I was nervous about writing this because there’s a very thin line between making fun of homophobic people, and being homophobic yourself.” Although Ben was nervous about that, his film doesn’t toe that line at all. Boy Prom proves that tackling social topics in a comedy can be done, and I hope Ben continues to do so.

Although Ben considers himself a writer first, he also directed and edited his thesis film. His favorite part of the filmmaking process was working with his cast and crew. “I love how collaborative it was. I like having a small cast and crew, and letting input flow in from all directions. Everyone brought something new to the story, which is what makes film so great.”

“Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself,” Ben added, which couldn’t be more appropriate. Boy Prom will premiere at the Brooklyn College Film Festival on May 31st and will be submitted to other festivals after that. To contact Ben Wiseman about Boy Prom or anything else, find him on Twitter @BennyTheWiseman.

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