The F Tones Live at the Lily Pond

The scenic lily pond on campus was the perfect backdrop for hearing live music on Tuesday, April 19. Students ate their lunches and lounged on the benches to watch the campus turtles sunbathe to the sweet sounds of the guitar and viola. Even those passing by had to stop to enjoy some entrancing instrumentals. Thus is the charm of musical duo, The F Tones.

Dwayne Beach, a current student at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and Marcin Wisniewski, a graduate from Hunter College, make up the Brooklyn-based musical pair known as The F Tones. Beach plays the viola alongside Wisniewski’s nylon-string guitar and together accompany each other. Neither instrument overtakes the other, but rather, they mesh perfectly to create a distinct sound and style all of their own.

A nice little excursion from the usual academic related stress, The F Tones played melodies on campus that were transcendent. If only for a moment, their tunes transported listeners to the Jazz Age as they played “C’est Si Bon” and oui, their rendition of the song was indeed good. From the Jazz Age, The F Tones took a hard right and brought their passengers to the 1980s as they played “Come On Eileen” by the Dexys Midnight Runners. Their choice of music showed their knowledge of different genres and their apparent versatility in executing various sounds. Clearly not afraid to be experimental, The F Tones make classical music fun again.

The response from various listeners was a resounding “Bravo” as it was obvious that the musical time out was greatly appreciated.

For those interested in the music of The F Tones, follow them on social media. Search “The F-Tones” on Facebook and like their page to subscribe to events and updates and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @TheFTonesNYC. For more information, visit their website at

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