Student Government Plans Big Events, No Quorum Reached

On Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 2016 at 12:15 p.m., the CLAS student government had a meeting on the second floor in the Student Center. They waited for a while to get a quorum, (50%) of assembly members. The Tuesday/Friday conversion hurt attendance and the student government was short one person. A meeting took place, but because they were short, there was no voting.

Speaker Jake Levin ran the meeting. A new member was sworn in. One assembly person left in the middle.

New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) announced it was renting a bus on Higher Education Action Day on February 25 to go to Albany to lobby for students issues. Tuition hikes law ends soon and has to be renewed. To attend, students must sign up by the end of February at 0302 James Hall, (718) 859­7177,

Also discussed were plans for a spring formal, similar to a senior prom. There were three options: holding it at the college which is more central and saves money, but less atmosphere, at Gargiulo’s Restaurant in Coney Island or in a Manhattan club with a DJ. It was questioned if up to 500 students and their guests would attend

and pay $20 a ticket and offering early bird discounts as incentive. The whole event might cost student government 10K. Overages were considered and reserve and joint accounts. Amongst other events, a cultural festival was planned as well as a pre­spring break carnival on April 21st.

After the student government April elections, it was proposed that the two political parties would dissolve (PHD, USL). There would be new rules of assembly and no party status.  One semester club’s budget was frozen as student government could never agree and often a party walked out of the meeting preventing a vote.

In past years, security had to be called with both parties in hot arguments. A one party system could mean a dictatorship, but our US congress loyal party voting and not working with the other side has led to the government shutdown and a lack of bills passed. A CLAS delegate said members would not be stuck to a party platform they do not fully agree with and makes it easier to unite to get bills passed and progress.

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