So Long, Samantha

From the Editor,

For the 2016 Spring semester, this is the Kingsman’s last issue and we thank you all for being loyal readers. For me, this issue is the last I will contribute to for the remainder of my college career. I will be graduating in June with degrees in Creative Writing and Broadcast Journalism, a path that has made me unknown to many of my fellow editors and writers. Some even referred to me as the “ghost” of the group. Though we didn’t spend much time together outside of group chats and emails as we coordinated who would write for upcoming issues, my time as sports editor for the Kingsman has been extremely rewarding. I was given an opportunity and a very well-run platform to voice my opinions about sports and collaborate with others about theirs. Though there’s competition on the campus, a friend of mine told me the Kingsman was the way to go, and I have to say, he was right.

For a final sports update I give you this; Congratulations to the Women’s Softball Team and the Men’s Tennis team for advancing to the CUNYAC playoffs! It was a hard fought season for all of you and with time comes progress. Next season is always another opportunity to bring a coveted championship to our beloved school. The Men’s Basketball team continues to make us fellow Bulldogs proud as they add another achievement to their long list this season. In addition to bringing home the trophy back in February, they are also the recipients of the Schoenfeld Sportsmanship Award presented by the Collegiate Basketball Officials Association, which the CBOA describes as “the highest degree of sportsmanship, character, and ethics among their players, coaches, and spectators.” Congratulations to Rich Micallef and the Men’s Basketball team once more. Continue to be excellent. To every other Bulldog on campus, thank you for bringing your athleticism, professionalism, and love for your respective sports to work every single day.

Brooklyn College means a lot to me. It is where I started as an unsure 18-year-old navigating through different clubs and events to find my place on campus, and eventually the world. The beauty of becoming sports editor for the Kingsman was that even though my section is part of a whole, it was mine. It was something I was responsible to make the very best I could, whether that meant recruiting writers, looking for unique topics to cover, or editing with a keen and detailed eye. So, to the future sports editor: Be proud of this section. Make it yours. Make it great. Don’t be afraid to write your boldest opinion. Just be prepared to back it up. Stats are your friend, but so is your instinct.

And of course to the current editors: Dylan, Dawn, Ashley, Jherelle, Derek and Paul- you are all an amazing and cohesive group of editors who consistently dig for new and upcoming stories and who truly care about the quality of work you produce. Continue to be the investigative reporters and fine writers you are, and good luck to you all in your future endeavors.

In the words of Kobe Bryant, “Mamba Out.”


Special thanks to Professor Paul Moses for overseeing the Kingsman.


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