Snowstorm Disappoints as Campus Reopens Wednesday

Photo via Tom Doherty

The much-anticipated snowstorm that closed CUNY campuses Tuesday proved to be anticlimactic, as only four to seven inches of snow covered Brooklyn, which turned to a wet, wintry mix in the early afternoon.

“What we saw here was very different from what was projected, even as of late yesterday,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, at a press conference on Tuesday. “The National Weather Service does everything they know how to do. Mother Nature still makes its own decisions.”

Public schools across the city, including CUNY, resumed classes on Wednesday. Though, many students took to social media to express their gratitude to the flaky storm, Stella, as they were able to take a day off during midterms week.

Some students posted “Keep these blizzards coming until midterms are over,” “Can we have another fakestorm Wednesday too?” and “Snow days…ruining diets and my sobriety.” One student wrote, “This snowstorm… #fakenews.”

Brooklyn College closed on Tuesday due to snowstorm. / Derek Norman

Though the storm didn’t bash New York City as harshly as was expected, it did have rougher effects on different regions like upstate New York and Connecticut, some areas reporting over 20 inches. There was coastal flooding reported in New Jersey.

Public transportation resumed in the city around 6:00 p.m. despite rail line closings and many cancelled flights from both airports in Queens.

Students weren’t the only ones trying to escape their responsibilities on Tuesday, as two horses reportedly escaped in Staten Island and began trotting up the road until caught and tethered by a cop, as according to a report by CBS.

Despite the first day of spring approaching less than a week away, students are still going to have to tie their snow boots and bundle up when making the trek back over to Bedford Avenue.

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