Registrar Addresses Student Registration Concerns

After a post on Facebook received hundreds of comments and attention from Brooklyn College students, the comments section in the post seeking feedback from students regarding the registration process was shut down by the Brooklyn College in the Know 2 Administrator.

The post was inquiring how students felt about perceived priority given to certain students during the registration process. The student feedback garnered the attention of top registrar and financial aid administration staff at Brooklyn College.

“We would love it if everyone could register at once,” said Lillian O’Reilly, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Brooklyn College. “CUNYfirst can not accommodate that.” O’Reilly explained that the most important reason that registration is done in increments with students is to keep the online system from crashing, citing when the system did crash three years ago on the first day of classes for the semester.

O’Reilly also wanted to clarify that seniors are the only students that receive any kind of priority.

“I want to make sure that students have accurate information,” O’Reilly continued. “I saw that students were really concerned about Macaulay [students receiving class registration priority] and that’s not the case, we want our students to graduate, we are very, very concerned about class availability.”

Associate Director of Enrollment Advocacy Palma Dellaporta also noted that the registration system is simple. “The system is set up to class status, and then credits earned, and what students sometimes don’t understand is that it’s not just your class level, the system ranks [registration] by class level then credits completed.” Dellaporta explains that if two people both have junior class ranking, but one person has more credits earned, that person has higher priority. “The way it appears seems unfair to people, […] when students are making casual comparisons, they don’t have all of the information that the computer has.”

The registration computer system takes into account several details along with how many credit hours have been earned, including high school college credits earned, students that have transferred in with an associate’s degree, and specific major requirements.

Another issue is demand for specific majors.

“We are always in constant sway trying to keep up with what the new demand is. The past two or three semesters, business has been exploding. Before that it was psychology that was blowing up, so the desires change,” Dellaporta said.

O’Reilly also emphasized that students that feel overwhelmed or uncertain of a problem that they have when trying to register should feel free to ask and find help.

“If a student has a problem, sometimes if they come and speak to us we can solve it easily and the student may feel that [the problem] is insurmountable,” said O’Reilly. “Maybe they are getting the wrong information or they feel they can’t solve it so they have to drop out of school, or they are unable to find the proper [person or department] to talk to. Students that are having difficulty, or having trouble finding the right person, or maybe an office isn’t being responsive, which we don’t tolerate an office not being responsive, but if an office is not responsive, Dellaporta can help the student and can literally advocate on behalf of the student to work through the problem.”

Anybody needing any help can contact Palma Dellaporta at 718-951-5000 ext 3030, or via e-mail at

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