Professor Mancini Reinstated as Journalism Department Director

Follow up to Journalism Director Suddenly Stripped of Title in Issue 1 of our Fall 2017 edition.

After being stripped of his title as director of Brooklyn College’s journalism program on Sept. 13th, Professor and Kingsman advisor Anthony Mancini has been reinstated, according to Ellen Tremper, Chairperson of the English Department.

According to Tremper, she stripped Mancini of his title because she felt he was “not fulfilling his obligations.”

“I wanted them to participate fully and behave as if you are members of the English Department,” said Tremper, who was upset that Mancini did not attend certain department meetings. Mancini said he did miss meetings when he believed the program was merging with the Television and Radio Department, but intends to participate in all meetings in the future.

The journalism program is one of five majors within the English Department. Of those five, it is one of two with its own program director, the other being the linguistics program.

According to Professor Mancini, frustrations rose after his meeting with a dean about a possible hiring line, additional funding for a new hires given to only a few, selected programs, in the Journalism Department. The additional staff member would be helpful to the department after the retirement of Professor Paul Moses last spring semester, but other programs, including linguistics, are also in desperate need of additional staff.

“The needs of one program must be understood in the context of the needs of the other programs,” said Tremper.

“As Chair I am responsible for all programs and I need to know when a program is being represented,” said Tremper later in the interview.

Decisions over the hiring lines have not yet been released.

Mancini said he is happy to see this friction come to an end and to work with Tremper in the future. Mancini hopes that this will be the end of tensions.

“I hope the students are not stymied by these kinds of spats in the future,” said Mancini. “After all, the students are the only ones that suffer from this kind of internal squabbling.”

Tremper said she fully supports the journalism program.

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