Op-Ed: In Response to David Horowitz and Robert Cherry

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Blatant accusation without trial is punishable by law on account of defamation, libel, and slander. When the reputation, livelihood, and welfare of the people are threatened, those that have been criminalized without conviction, demand the privilege to civil remedy in pursuit of legal proceedings against the perpetrator.

On behalf of Brooklyn College’s Students for Justice in Palestine, I fully condemn the false allegations made by Horowitz, his accomplices, and Professor Cherry; against our organization and those who’ve made advances in organizing within CUNY, and embody the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement on the Brooklyn College campus.

Of the nine persons antagonized and ousted by name on the face of Horowitz’s obnoxiously dross poster’s; were two faculty members and seven students — several of whom have either graduated or transferred. This being one encounter amongst a series of many, ascertains that his aim was nothing short of vindictive. Horowitz, after all, has dedicated his life to tarnishing the reputations of activists across the country. Using nothing more than his own willful ignorance as a framework for proof, he’s put the safety of multiple students and faculty members at the frontline by using tactics of terrorism-baiting to gaslight their current discourse of political work. Thereby, forcing them to re-live the trauma that stems from being continuously harassed and deliberately taunted, each time.

To Professor Cherry I say; you are not the first. You are not the first to have countered our organization with chants of islamophobia and discrimination. You are not the first to have sympathized with an oppressor and victim-blamed. You are not the first to have broken out in liberal rash in the face of our radicalism. You are not the first to have placed the lives of our organizers in imminent danger. You are not the first to have taken our political content out of context. You are not the first to have manipulated your authority in order to humiliate, degrade, and attempt to dismantle our movement. You are not the first to have derailed our motives, silenced our voices, and pledged your support to a white supremacist group that has done nothing but trigger our paranoia into existence. You are not the first. We were ostracized by those before you, and will continue to fight back against those that come after you. An obstacle doesn’t always mean defeat.

As an organization, we wholeheartedly condemn and will continue to organize against, any and all forms of islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, police brutality, ableism, structural violence, settler colonialism, nation-states, violent intimidation tactics, and institutional oppression. We do not apologize for taking legal action against any system that place’s a person’s membership at threat based on their social identity. We demand that the president of our school along with the rest of administration, release a formal statement condemning the actions of both Horowitz and Professor Cherry. We demand that we be extended the same level of grace, understanding, and safety as other students without blackmail. We demand that we be given the right to exercise our freedom of speech and expression, as we are our freedom of thought. The voices of the oppressed were not meant to and should never be, silenced. So on that note; long live Palestine, long live the Resistance.

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