Luther Von Shaft Review

Shot of lead character, Luther, in student film Luther Von Shaft.

“Luther Von Shaft” drops us right in the middle of a very tense story. We are immediately introduced to Luther, a tough looking, no nonsense character, in a very tight shot. Dropped in media res, we quickly try to piece together Luther’s story. Introduced to Princess, and her many facial bruises, we find out more and more about these characters. We learn of Princess’ baby, we learn of an abusive partner, and we learn that Luther doesn’t have a problem throwing a few punches if it means justice is served.

The action throughout this short film was gripping and certainly helped the flow. This six-minute short film shows us the lengths a man would go to in order to protect the people he loves. It was an interesting choice not supporting this short film with a score. I think music in some form would certainly help push the story forward, and could add to the intense action shown to us in a fight scene.

I was very impressed with the story’s start and as it played out, I found that I wanted more. The dialogue was quick, which at points meant I missed certain key pieces of information and had to rewind to catch up. Slowing down this story and helping us fall for these characters (and hate the bad guy) certainly helps us dive deeper into the film.

The dialogue was strong here, but used unnecessary profanity. Unfortunately, our generation uses profanity as a conversational placeholder. The cursing here feels forced and doesn’t do much for the plot. Another edit of this film, with less profanity, could make it much stronger.

Christopher Williams wrote, directed, produced, and starred in this short film. I was impressed by his creativity in his acting as well as his filmmaking skills. I look forward to any and all films he will continue to produce and would love to see another draft of “Luther Von Shaft.”

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