“Life Comes From Concrete”

When Kevin Anglade enrolled in Brooklyn College back in 2012, he never thought the journey would lead him to releasing both his debut poetry collection and first documentary.

“Life Comes From Concrete” is a collection of 25 poems that encompass Anglade’s life journey thus far. “It’s kind of like a time capsule in a way,” said Anglade of his creation, which is set to have two release dates in the summer and fall of this year.

The chosen 25 selections “talk about everything,” from love, finding oneself, social consciousness and family from the eyes of a young black man in America. Anglade considers his work to be “hip-hop poetry because of its style, cadence, flow and wordplay technicalities.” The collection will also feature photographs of Anglade, his family, nature and themes inspired by poems in the book. Anglade’s publishing company, “Flowered Concrete,” will also release a documentary as an aid to the project. “Life Comes From Destiny,” the visual component, will be shown in a docu-series format with a final production that would seek to intertwine the journey of other artists with Anglade’s own walk of life.

25-year-old Kevin Anglade was born to Caribbean parents who had a strict “idea of what profession would lead to their child’s success.” According to Anglade, in his culture getting an education was the most important thing a young man or woman could do. Because of his focus on education, Anglade never fully explored his artistic talents and abilities until after graduating from Queensborough College in 2012 with a degree in engineering. That same year he opened his small indie publishing company, “Flowered Concrete” and began truly transforming into the artist he is today.

There were several major turning points in Anglade’s life that caused him to view the world very differently. When Anglade was 16 years old, his sister caught meningitis and passed away. Just a few years later when Anglade was 19, he lost his father to hepatitis B. Dealing with those deaths took a heavy toll on Anglade as he realized, “Life isn’t a game, ya know? Life isn’t a joke,” he said. During the years that followed, young Anglade took on more responsibilities than he ever had before and it was the stress of maturity along with those life experiences that inspired his artistry.

Anglade graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in english in the spring of 2014. On campus, he found forms of inspiration from watching the BC poetry slam team as well as in his editorial role at campus newspaper, The Kingsman. In his first semester at the college in 2012 he started writing more and more poetry and contributing weekly to the paper. Anglade served as sports editor of The Kingsman for two years in 2012 and 2013. In that time he covered championship games and developed relationships with athletes on the “women’s soccer team, the volleyball team and the women’s varsity basketball team,” whom often thanked him for writing about the games, Anglade said.

“My time at The Kingsman was amazing,” Anglade said. According to the soon-to-be author, “Working at the Kingsman allowed me to become a better writer in a sense that I was able to edit my work better. I was able to see what worked in my creative writing, my fiction, my non-fiction, as well. I was able to be a content creator in terms of what goes into creating a piece, a story, a book, a novel, a poem, any kind of thing in that nature and regard.”

“Out of all the colleges I’ve been to, Brooklyn College is my home,” he said.

While his time at Brooklyn College sparked an interest in writing, Anglade said he chose the name for his poetry collection as a metaphor that represents “our [collective] journey” and the connection between all human beings in the fact that “all of our lives are walked on concrete.” Anglade’s personal experiences and the metaphorical flowers that sprung forth from the concrete in his life are represented in his contemporary poetry collection, while the documentary was inspired by the individual journey of other artists.

July 26 is the official summer release date for “Life Comes From Concrete.” The second release date will be announced sometime in the fall. Every week, for the the first three weeks in July, a series of shorts will be presented to compliment the book, ending with a screening premier of the full half-hour documentary, “Life Comes From Destiny.”

More information on Kevin Anglade’s poetry collection, “Life Comes From Concrete” and the documentary, “Life Comes From Destiny” can be found on floweredconcrete.net. More info can also be found after Anglade launches his new website next Tuesday at Kevinanglade.com

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