James Hall Entrance Goes from Construction to Closed

The closed entrance of James Hall. / Derek Norman

The northern entrance to James Hall, which as of late has been blocked by yellow construction tape and “no entrance” signs, will no longer be open to the public as an access point into the building.

The doors facing Campus Road, which many students and faculty use to enter James Hall, is reverting back to its original emergency exit only. The entry point was first made public during the construction of the West Quad building and was always intended to switch back to an emergency exit.

The most recent closing, came as a direct result of the final stages of the college’s James Hall Wall reconstruction, a five-month long and $2.3 million project that is nearing completion, according to a Brooklyn College spokesperson.

“For the last five months we have completely reconstructed the “light well” (the dry moat) around James…” said the Brooklyn College spokesperson. “Reinforced the sidewalk, removed the old brick lining, and replaced it with concrete panels.”

The newly constructed “James Hall Wall” along Campus Road. / Derek Norman

Perks of the entrance closure are that Public Safety won’t have to spend resources manning that entry point and campus security can be directed towards the gates on Bedford Avenue, but the disadvantages will lie with students and faculty that have grown accustomed to using it.

“It’s terrible, I don’t understand the point of closing it,” said Ariana Sanford, a double major in psychology and biology. “Many people use that entrance.The parents in the ECC [Early Childhood Center] rely on that entrance when they bring their children in.”

Many students took advantage of the entrance because of its close proximity to the bus stop and the convenience of not having to walk around the block to the Bedford gates.

“I don’t understand the reason for cutting off access points, especially that location,” said Kim Mills, who is pursuing a degree in health services. “Due to the massive population of Brooklyn College, it now makes things increasingly difficult in terms of not only rerouting, but getting to classes on time, or just simply commuting through campus.”

From this point on, unless they hear an alarm or see flames, students will have to break travel habits and find a new way through James Hall.

Contributed reporting by Lisa Flaugh

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