The Future of the Roosevelt Tennis Courts

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When we look at the Brooklyn College sporting facilities we can’t help but notice the modernized field conditions these teams play in. Whether it be the West Quad Center where the Bulldogs host their basketball games, their swimming & diving contests or the volleyball match-ups. The college’s soccer field where the softball and soccer teams host conference and non-conference visitors. And then there are the Roosevelt tennis courts, the oldest of all the courts on campus, used by Brooklyn College students during recreation hours and where the Bulldogs’ tennis teams fight for playoff contention.

Bumps and cracks are highly noticeable on the tennis courts, during recreation hours, two students can be seen playing a pick-up game, as one student hits the ball to the other, the ball hits one of the many cracks on the court causing the ball to bounce to the end of the field resulting in a dead play. According to Jason Carey, Assistant Vice President of Communications and Marketing, the on-going capital request has been sent to CUNY to address the remodeling project to the state, in Albany, to receive funding for reconstruction on the courts. Although the college has not yet heard a response on its $5 million capital request.

Brooklyn College faculty members try their best to keep the courts useable. “We have not had a record of a major complaint since Sept. 2016, which what we do in terms of addressing complaints is we go in and patch things up,” said Carey. In fact the only complaint addressed to faculty workers was a hole on the court that was patched up and fixed by maintenance workers.

Athletics Director Alex Lang, who occasionally attends games, said that all six courts are used throughout the season for singles and doubles matches, in fact he never noticed a match being decided because of the conditions of the courts. The games are self-officiated where players call their own lines, so if a ball were to hit a crack and affect the play, the players would restart the point.

Lang indicated that Brooklyn College is one of the few CUNY campuses who have a tennis court. “A lot of schools that we compete against in CUNY such as Hunter, Brauch, City College and John Jay have tennis teams, but they don’t have tennis courts on their campus,” said Lang. According to Lang, CUNY teams with no tennis courts on their campuses have to go to an outside park or rent a court just to practice or host matches. “Although our courts are not up to date, it’s nice to have tennis courts on our campus, so that the people on our team can go straight from class and go to practice,” he said.

“It’s a great plus but it’s something at some point they are definitely going to have to be updated. I would say the negative thing in terms of the fact that they are one of our older facilities and it’s something that’s worn over time. I think it’s outweighed by the fact that you have this great positive that we still have these tennis courts,” said Lang.

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