Forever Upward, Thanks to Brooklyn

Photo credit to Liliana Bernal

“Gould has Regrets on Contract While Faculty Votes to Strike,” a headline I coupled with a photo and caption, “This semester has been filled with highs and lows, but immense growth.” Now President Anderson Yells Transparency with All eyes on her, and I’ve become a whole different person.

Immense growth doesn’t do a justice. Because of my time at Brooklyn College and the hours spent working at the Kingsman, I’d say I’ve undergone creative transformation and I owe every step of the evolution to those around me.

I came into Brooklyn College inside of a shell, ready to skate by with no tampering in extracurricular and throw myself into the job market upon graduation with nothing more than a Bachelor’s of the Arts degree and some motivation that had been brewing in my heart for years.

If it weren’t for two of the greatest professors in my life, Paul Moses and Ron Howell, I wouldn’t have realized the importance of seeking independent guidance outside of the classroom because I was never comfortable doing that before. Now I feel that I could go to them for the rest of my life if I’m faced with that one problem that can only be answered by my mentors.

If it weren’t for my fellow editor and great friend, Derek Norman, I might still be attempting to get articles published in the Excelsior and getting frustrated when they didn’t make it. Journalism is a job in which you have to talk, and Derek really likes to talk, certainly more than me, but the one thing I really love to do, is tell stories. He helped me realize that the fear of engaging with people is not even close to worth the exhilaration of finishing a great story with a tooth-filled smile across from an audience of glowing and sometimes deeply-affected individuals.

All this time I had been studying to be a journalist, but I was never truly what I wanted to be. I travelled down to the Caribbean heat of Cuba to report in a language I hadn’t even fully grasped at the time, I went to South America to work with my favorite journalist, who is now my wife and the first person to tell me no matter how many times I denied it, that I already was a journalist.

I depend on people in this life, and if it wasn’t for all the caring people in my travels, I believe I would just be an image of my surroundings, with shallow depth just soaking in the most basic of facts around me. My time at Brooklyn College has made me realize that I’m one of the luckiest people I know. Because although I work hard and will not stop until I achieve my goals, this college and the people that have surrounded me sit on both of my shoulders and all say every day, you can do it.

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