“Flaked” Review

Netflix seems to have Will Arnett on retainer for many of their original series, but now he has co­-created and produced the show “Flaked” with Mark Chappell.

Taking place in Venice, California, an ex­-alcoholic, played by Arnett, has to deal with the consequences for the choice he made 10 years ago that changed his life. Viewers see him interact with other alcoholics and try to cope with what he’s done.

The series, whose entire first season was released March 11th, feels as realistic as a scripted show can get. At first it doesn’t seem worth watching, but by the third episode you’re stuck.

Shows that try to mimic real life tend to get lost in over­dramatics to make it more interesting, but not “Flaked.” The twists feel genuine and after they happen, it feels like there’s no other way it could have gone. Watching Chip make mistakes and try to get back on his feet and fighting to save what he cares about, but never being able to get it right feels like you’re actually watching someone’s life for 30 minutes at a time.

Even if you’re not in Alcoholics Anonymous or if you’ve never had a drink in your life, you’ll be able to identify with the characters. They live real lives and the problems they face are what we all go through. The lies we run from, the truths we hide, and the eternal struggle of trying to keep ourselves afloat as the world seems to be falling apart around us are all relatable.

If you’re into action and adventure, this is not the show for you. But if you want romance, comedy and a story about the struggles of alcoholism in a gentrifying society that takes advantage of those weaknesses, you know what to watch.

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