Coach Lang’s 200th Victory

Coach Lang has coached the Bulldogs for 14 seasons and he continues his illustrious career as the Head Coach of the Women’s Basketball Team, winning Coach of the Year four times and has now hit a historic milestone: 200 victories. The milestone came in York College after a decisive 70­47 win over the Cardinals.

Coach Lang spoke about his historic milestone after the win: “It was just another game. When you win something like 200 games, the first thing you think about is, I’ve been doing this a long time. It makes you think, we had a lot of good players come through here.”

Coach Lang, very humble about the accomplishment, continued, “As a coach you always worry about the next game, making the schedule and doing the nitty­gritty. From the outside, it looks like a well­-polished machine. Any coach would tell you it’s a lot of grinding and sleepless nights.”

Coach Lang has had seasons where his team won as little as five or ten games, but the effort of recruiting and improving as a coach exhibits progress that didn’t happen overnight. Hard work and dedication is what Coach Lang preaches and thoroughly believes in. Coach Lang expected better results when he first took over the program, but he didn’t expect the subpar seasons he’s had to endure.

“Experience helps, trying things, seeing what works and what doesn’t. It helps to find something that works a little better,” Coach Lang explained. “You become a little more savvy.”

Coach Lang’s biggest lesson he’s taken away from his coaching experience is learning from his mistakes. While being in Brooklyn, he has taken on other responsibilities including becoming Associate Director of Athletics. He is the one to get in contact with for any sport at Brooklyn College.

Since hitting his newest milestone, the Lady Bulldogs have gone 7­3, improving their overall record to 16­7, 11 of those wins coming against teams in CUNYAC. Coach Lang is leading a team that is continuously improving throughout the year. The Bulldogs are beginning to understand each other; knowing where their teammates will be on the court is making winning easier. There are two more games before the CUNYAC playoffs start on Sunday, February 21, at

City College of New York. Time and opponents are to be determined.

As for Alex Lang, the Associate Director of Athletics, the Women’s Softball team and the Men’s Tennis team are both looking for new members. If you are interested in joining any of the men’s or women’s athletic teams you are encouraged to contact Coach Lang. For all full time students in good academic standings, visit room 426 in the West Quad for more information.

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