CLAS Announces First-Ever Spirit Week to Foster School Pride

Next spring, the Brooklyn College student government plans to spend approximately $100,000 for a week-long festival to pump-up campus pride, student officials told the Kingsman.

From April 30 to May 5, the CLAS Student Government will host “Maroon Madness,” a campus-wide spirit-a-thon including a concert, Relay for Life, movie night, formal, a scavenger hunt, a carnival and relaxation day.

“This might change the spirit of Brooklyn College. People can be proud,” said CLAS President Nissim Said. “There is no reason why we can’t do a homecoming or do these big things.”

Said added, “It’s basically, just changing the culture. We can’t do it overnight, but if this can become a yearly function it could really motivate students.”

The festival is inspired by City College’s Lavender Fever Week, where more than ten thousand CUNY students gather for free ice cream, music, and carnival-style games where students can win a free iPad. As one of seven commuter schools in CUNY, Brooklyn college students often struggle to develop peer-on-peer relationships and school pride because they live off-campus.

“How do we bring this to Brooklyn College, but make it better?” said Nissim Said. “It’s not just about having fun and doing events, but coming together as a community to do good work.”

The concert series, which will run an estimated $60,000 to $70,000, will feature a range of student-selected artists. Last week, student officials listed more than 95 hot celebs including Cardi B, J. Cole, Rihanna, and Drake in a Facebook poll to rate student interest.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Said said. “What’s really going to be fun is that whole week.”

Three years ago, Said proposed the college’s first concert. There were many pitfalls in the project’s early stages.

“We had to deal with a lot of legislation and cleaning up the policy, ” Said said. “For so long no one requested to do a concert. Doing that a couple of years ago, cleaned the pipes and now we know to how to do it.”

He said there a still risks to the high-priced venture.

“For now it’s still in its infancy,” Said said. “We don’t want to get everyone hyped up and say, ‘This is happening 100 percent and it’s over you guys, you say it’s Cardi B, it’s Cardi B.’ We can’t say that.”

Said added, “There are still factors like budget, time and if they’re [the artists] even available. But we do want to listen to students and set that precedent.”

Joy Branch, a junior, said she is concerned about the event’s fiscal impact.

“I think the money could be spent to give us more printing money,” said Branch, a communication major. “We only get $15 a semester.”

Students agree, however, that the event will boost campus pride.

“This campus is very isolated,” Branch said. “I think it will be good if there is more interaction and networking with each other.”

Senior Tubraiz Quazi, a Psychology major, said spirit week will change campus culture.

“This campus is dead,” Quazi said. “However, events always join people together, but it depends on how lit the events are. You have to understand your demographic.”

According to student officials, a draft of the event is still pending administrative review.

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