Brooklyn College Winter Fashion

Now that fall, the premier fashion season, is over, we should just give up, throw on our biggest winter coat and bury ourselves underneath our favorite beanie, right? Wrong. It turns out that Brooklyn College students won’t let their fashionable threads fade away so easily. Stroll through campus and you’ll still see people dressed to impress. For every student bumming it in sweats in the library (disclaimer: we’ve all been there), there’s one who’s rocking a class presentation like it’s a Saturday night. Here’s a look at some of BC’s more fashionable personalities.

Sarfo Kyei – Graduate student in Computer Science

Q: What are you wearing today?

A: I have a Banana Republic outer coat, with an Express sweatshirt and gray pants,

with some DSW shoes.

Q: Is this part of your usual style?

A: It’s usually how I dress. I work in Downtown Manhattan, so I try to balance the

“going to school, going to work” appropriate look.

Q: Why do you enjoy this style?

A: It’s fitted, it’s comfortable, pretty warm because I’m layered up, but it still looks


Laura Morales – Double major in TV & Radio and Psychology

Q: What are you wearing today?

A: I’m wearing all Forever 21 clothes. Just a basic flower print top, black jeans and a black flowing sweater.

Q: Does this reflect part of your everyday style?

A: Kinda. I don’t usually wear pants, or at least I try not to because they’re so

uncomfortable to me, but the weather doesn’t really allow for skirts and dresses yet.

Q: What do you enjoy about this outfit/style?

A: I almost always wear black or other dark colors, but I do like to use floral patterns as accents just to add a bit of color every now and then.

Christina Canitano – Graduate student in School Counseling

Q: What are you wearing today?

A: I’m wearing a black and white striped turtleneck under a pink blazer, with some

black jeans, and some black booties.

Q: Does this reflect part of your everyday style?

A: Well, I really like to wear sweaters, like chunky sweaters. I like to wear blazers a lot. Now with my internship, I kinda need to wear blazers, dress a little fancier. I like to wear boots a lot, like booties with a little bit of a heel because it dresses up the outfit and I’m short, so it makes me look a little bit taller. I don’t know if you’d consider this preppy or business casual, some people would say boho, but I’m not

sure about that. I guess it’s a bit preppy because of the blazer.

Q: What do you enjoy about this outfit/style?

A: I love that there’s a statement piece. The blazer is the statement, because it’s hot

pink. And it’s very subtle, but there are polka dots on the blazer, and I like that I can work that with the stripes.

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