Brooklyn College Rosen Fellow Debuts Comedy Web Series

Dominick Famularo and crew on the set of “Camp GetRight.” / Twitter, @Camp_GetRight

Dominick Famularo, a student at Brooklyn College and winner of the Fall 2017 Rosen Fellowship, will soon be debuting a comedy web series that he created using the Rosen Fellowship funds.

The web series, Camp GetRight, “aims to prove that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we’re just as clueless as we were before.” Famularo, a double major in Television/Radio and Creative Writing, wrote the web series and “wore many hats” during its creation. He found his inspiration in 1990s comedies.

“It’s about four campers and their parents at a one week intensive therapy camp. Personalities clash as parallels between the campers and their parents poke through the daily activities,” Famularo says. “It’s outlandish and bizarre … and has an exorbitant amount of rip offs with Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo references, as well as Wayne’s World and other 90s comedies.”

Three episodes were filmed in September and a trailer for the series is almost finished, Famularo said. He expects the episodes to be released in late December or early January. “There were originally six episodes written, but the budget was only big enough to shoot three of them,” Famularo noted. “After the episodes are released, we will focus on entering them in film festivals and raise money to shoot the other three episodes that were originally written for the series.”

The Rosen Fellowship provides a stipend of up to $5,000 to finance a project, dream, or unrealized goal and is offered CUNY-wide to students.

“It is awarded to five to six people each year,” Famularo added. “You can [pursue] any project of any sort. Some have chosen to study in Africa, others do programs abroad, and others choose to shoot films.”

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