Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music Collaborates with Noted Choreographers

Five choreographers are to collaborate with Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music composition students and alumni in a series of new pieces in contemporary, modern and tap styles. The event is a presentation of Artis Smith and Germaine Salsberg, who are both Brooklyn College faculty, and will be held in two performances on Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Brooklyn Music School.

The pieces will be performed by more than 25 dancers and set to original compositions by Sean Vigneau-Britt, Yuriy Lehki, Daniel Rote and Jacob Szilagi. Smith will be presenting his work “Full Moon Waxing,” as well as an untitled new work. Salsburg is to present two previous works as well as the premiere of a new piece entitled “Speak EZ,” with music by a Brooklyn College composition major, Yuriy Lehki. The event will also include pieces by choreographers Traci Stanfield and Nicole Ohr.

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