BC Ranked 7th Best Public Institution for Social Mobility

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently ranked Brooklyn College as the seventh best public four-year institution for social mobility in the nation.

Of the top ten four-year public institutions on the list, seven were CUNY institutions; CUNY’s Baruch College occupied the top place. Five of the top ten two-year public institutions were also from within the CUNY system.

In this survey, universities were rated on the number of students whose parents were in the bottom twentieth percentile of income who were able to reach the top twentieth percentile of individual income after graduating in 2014. Brooklyn College’s mobility rate, calculated in this manner, stood at 8.07%, significantly larger than the mobility rate of any two-year or for-profit institution; Baruch College, the top public institution for social mobility, had a mobility rate of 12.94%.

Top Ten Public Four-Year Institutions for Social Mobility:
1. Baruch College (12.94%)
2. City College (11.72%)
3. UC Los Angeles (9.92%)
4. John Jay (9.69%)
5. SUNY Stony Brook (8.41%)
6. City Tech (8.33%)
7. Brooklyn College (8.07%)
8. UTexas Rio Grande Valley (7.65%) 9. Hunter College (7.54%)
10. Queens College (7.15%)

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