A Spring Formal to Formally Start Spring

CLAS Student Government is set to host a Spring Formal off-campus on April 21 to kick off the beginning of a long-awaited spring break.

The event is being hosted at Gargiulo’s Restaurant in Coney Island from 7-11 p.m. and all students are welcome, including graduate students. Students may bring a guest from outside of the college along with them to the event. One ticket is $20 or two tickets are $30 and each individual student can buy up to two tickets.

The Spring Formal was organized by the student government and Carolina Guarrella is the main event planner that worked hard to put it all together. Guarrella is excited that there is an opportunity for students to come together and get involved.

“It’s an opportunity to meet people, dance, and have some delicious food,” said Guarrella. “Students have been asking for a big event off-campus, and the formal is the day before spring break, not everyone can afford to go away, so we thought it would be a nice alternative and a good celebration to begin spring break.”

The theme is black, white and gold. According to the party planners, the theme was implemented to help all students feel welcome. To Guarrella, the theme choice makes an impact and it was important that all students felt invited.

“It’s an elegant color scheme, mainly because we don’t want the financial burden of trying to find an outfit to match the theme,” she said. “We want people to feel comfortable and Brooklyn College is incredibly diverse, everybody should wear the clothes they feel best represented in.”

Soda and water are included with the purchased tickets. Beer will be included with proper identification, along with a cash bar that is available for those who would like to pay for additional liquor.

The location, Gargiulo’s, was carefully picked to make sure that it was easily accessible by train and wheelchair, and concern was given to the type of food that would be served at the event. To Guarrella, it was important that all students could enjoy the event with kosher and halal foods being catered along with all other delicious options of food.

In order to encourage a high attendance and an exciting night, Guarrella has created competition between student clubs on campus. As people are admitted inside, Carolina Guarrella will record which student club each student belongs to. If the student mentions that he or she were encouraged by his or her club to attend, his or her attendance will be recorded and the club with the highest percentage of attendees will be awarded with a pizza party.

Those interested in buying the remaining tickets can visit the Student Government Office in the Student Center, Room 311.

Everyone in the student government and those that worked with Guarrella are excited to have an event that brings students together off-campus and that provides a way for students to get involved and provides an opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

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