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Did you know that Brooklyn College has a fully functioning multi-camera television studio in the basement of Whitehead Hall? I bet if you’re not in the Television Radio department you might not have known about the studio and editing lab, constantly in use by undergraduate and graduate students.

Now did you also know that the studio has been used for two award-winning long-form television projects, funded by Brooklyn College, and run by professors and students? Oh, you did? Cool, cool.

Brooklyn’s Best, which has been previously reviewed in this paper, is making news again as it proudly brings back an award, showing off the work of graduate students in the Brooklyn College Television Radio program.

At the College Television Awards, more commonly known as the Student Emmy Awards, Brooklyn’s Best was one of three long form programs nominated in the Variety category. I got a chance to talk to Michael Irgang, who was actively involved in the Brooklyn’s Best production, about this award and all that it means to the department.

Brooklyn’s Best was one of the first student-professor collaborative long form web series productions to come out of the TVR department. Professor Jason Moore wanted to challenge his Television MFA students to work together on a collaborative project, breaking from the classic structure of the class. All of the students were immediately on board, and designed their program around the thing they all loved most: Brooklyn.

It’s American Idol with a Brooklyn twist.

“Brooklyn has some of the most judgmental people, so who better to judge the show than other Brooklynites?” was one of the lines used in the pitch, Michael told me. As a highlight of each episode, a few random Brooklyn folk judge other Brooklyn folk on their talent (with help from a live studio audience), and the grand prize winner goes home with a trophy and a nice oversized check (and a regular sized check that follows).

A nomination at the Student Emmy Awards is incredible, and a great way to show the success that the Television Radio department has brought to Brooklyn College. Brooklyn’s Best has inspired new students to create their own long form program, and will continue to inspire students to pursue their passion, and use their classes as a tool to do so.

The Brooklyn’s Best producers want this program to be a jumping off point. As Michael said “we’re hoping to inspire new classes and to push the limits of what programming can be done by students.”

To catch Brooklyn’s Best visit them online at and with questions or comments reach out to Michael Irgang at

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