About Us

The Kingsman has been a student-run newspaper on Brooklyn College since 1950. In its time it has served as the eyes and ears of Brooklyn College, winning awards and raising awareness from larger New York publications, such as the New York Times. Topics from on-campus events to New York politics are covered in the weekly issues. Papers are distributed every Wednesday morning at the entrance of every building at Brooklyn College. All students are encouraged to reach out to any of the following editors and start writing for The Kingsman.

Meet the Editors:

Dylan Campbell, Editor-in-Chief


Dylan Campbell is a junior at Brooklyn College and beginning her third semester as editor-in-chief of the Kingsmen.

She has been writing since before she had braces – so a long time- and loves what she does. Her journalism philosophy? If people understood each other better, the world would be a better place, and the best way to connect people is through stories. She is doing her best to capture those stories.

Dylan has been on the Kingsman staff since her freshman year. She has interned at L&M Publications, PBS/WNET, Narrative.ly and Everyday Health but can be found on the daily interviewing students on campus and eating snacks in the Kingsman office.

She is looking forward to continuing to improve the Kingsmen and getting to know what you, Brooklyn College students, are looking to read. She encourages all feedback good and bad (preferably good) to be sent right to her inbox. So shoot her an email.

Ashley Matos, Business Manager



Ashley is a student at Brooklyn College double majoring in Journalism and Early Childhood Education. When she’s not at fieldwork or in the Kingsman office, she’s at home baking bread and desserts.

Quiara Vasquez, Arts Editor


Joseph Modica, Layout Editor


Kenji Yamada, Managing Digital Editor


Kenji is a student at Brooklyn College double majoring in Linguistics and Mathematics.

Israel S. Rodriguez, Sports Editor


Zeus Sumra, Managing News Editor


Zeus Sumra is a Senior at Brooklyn College and majors in Psychology. He has served as President of the Minority Association of Pre Health Students for the past two years. Whether it is writing news articles for Brooklyn College students or working on his next piece of fiction, he is always working on stories that tell the truth.

Stop by the office at Brooklyn College, Roosevelt Hall, Room 118R if you have any questions or story ideas. Office hours are Tuesdays 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. and Mondays 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Letters to the Editor can be sent to any of the above emails.