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“The Americans” Take Over East Quad

Students going to class last Thursday morning were surprised to be told that they could not pass through the majority of East Quad, as filming crews for the popular FX series The Americans had transformed it into a private film set. The film crew arrived early in the morning on Dec. 7, their trailers lining [...]

Students “Take A Knee” and Discuss Colin Kaepernick

Brooklyn College students gathered in a Boylan Hall classroom on Thursday to talk about the controversial NFL anthem protests, Colin Kaepernick, police brutality, and systemic racism. The discussion was moderated by a member of the Brooklyn College Socialists and speakers included members from the Black History Month Committee, the Puerto Rican Alliance, the International Socialist [...]

Macaulay Honors College Cuts Back on Opportunities Fund Amidst Fundraising Issues

The Macaulay Honors College will no longer be promising students access to the full $7,500 in opportunities funds, dollars provided to students for study abroad, research or internships, once advertised. While the honors college promises the program is in fine shape and that this change to policy will not affect the quality of the college [...]

Macaulay Honors at Brooklyn College Shows Stark Racial Disparity in Admissions

At Brooklyn College, diversity enrollment statistics of acceptance rates at the college compared to the Macaulay Honors College show important disparities. Enrollment statistics for Brooklyn College show a fairly equal acceptance rate among Asian, black, Hispanic, and white students; however, enrollment statistics for the Macaulay Honors program at Brooklyn College show a different story. Macaulay’s [...]

REVIEW: In “Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom,” It’s Not Just A Game

You get zero points for guessing how “Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom” ends: Jennifer Haley’s play about a hyper-immersive first-person-shooter is many things, but surprising is not one of them. Hell, in the first scene, the characters outright tell you what’s going to happen. “You’re about to play this video game, and you think it’s [...]

Women’s Basketball Goes to 8-1, While Men’s Team Falls to 0-8

Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team earned their first CUNYAC victory over Lehman College Friday night, in a 14-point blowout 69-55. Brooklyn jumped out to a 12-point lead at the end of the first quarter as its defense held Lehman to seven points. The Bulldogs’ hot shooting continued into the second quarter as they scored [...]

First Ever Menorah Lighting at BC

A menorah will be erected on the West Quad on Dec. 5. The celebration, which was organized by  the co-director of Chabad Rabbi Moshe Raichik, will start at 5pm. The festivities will include  live music, prizes, latkes eating contest and other traditional Chanukah foods. This menorah lighting will be the first ever to occur at [...]

College of Staten Island Prof. Attacked In Park

A College of Staten Island Professor was assaulted while walking to campus by a group of teenagers. According to NY1, he was attacked by the teenagers after confronting them about setting papers on fire in the park. Due to the severity of the attack, the professor was hospitalized for the injuries sustained.